Mama of Drama

So apparently I did not traumatize my  daughter by signing her up to be in the Nutcracker with a professional ballet troupe without any ballet experience.  In fact, I may have given her and her sister a beautiful lasting memory of being behind the scenes of a professional stage production.

It was fabulous!  I couldn’t have ordered a better day.  It started out a little shaky although the drop-off time for her was 10 instead of 8 am. ( Thank you God!)  I found the theater and put her in the capable hands of the other parents.  She had the bun head hair thing plastered to her head with a lot of hairspray and that is one of the few pictures I got from this experience.  Jesse and I ran around town and then she went to a friend’s house to play as I looked at my closet for about an hour and finally picked out an outfit that would look classy yet keep me warm in our single digit Montana winter day.

I told Jesse to be home at 1:30 as we still had to stop and get some flowers .  At 1:50 I called Jesse and screamed “We are leaving in 10 minutes!”

“Why didn’t you call me?” she said calmly.

Usually at these times I look back upon myself and say, “I am wired a little too tight.”  It is either from years of not giving a crap, or from years of not paying attention to social norms that drove everyone around me but myself.  I am constantly learning that freaking out on these occasions is incredibly annoying to those around me. I am also learning that this is a trademark of way too much stress in my life.  Times like these make me think of my mom, who is ultra-cool now but, back in the day I thought she was a Nazi witch.

We made it on time, and the Moscow Ballet was the best experience ever.  They drove from Canada the night before and these roads and mountain passes are no laughing matter, so things started a little late.  We had balcony seats so it was a little hard to see my little Snowflake as she did the dance but I met her afterward and she was brimming with joy and confidence as was Jesse and I.  The ballet offered us seats to the next show and we stayed to watch Romeo and Juliet, this time we were in the third row and enchanted by the athleticism of the dancers and the choreography. We left that night with our flowers and visions of sugar-plum fairies dancing in our heads , dusted off  the five inches of snow that had fallen.  I sure hope that a DVD of this ballet comes out, as Jesse wouldn’t let me take the camcorder that I borrowed in.  Truthfully, I was chicken and didn’t see anyone else taping.  We have the memories and that’s what makes these activities and opportunities so special this time of year.  It bonds our little family and by the way the Montana Griz slaughtered the Bobcats, all in all a great day.

Bun anger

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