Today is Jeff”s birthday, Happy Birthday brother!  I am so very proud of the great father, awesome  person and all-around good guy you are..  We had our doubts when you were two and happily smearing the contents of your diaper on the walls, and  that time you chased me around the house with a hammer made me wonder too.

Conflict resolution is probably been one of Jeff’s strongest attributes ” I’m just gonna kick ass and ask questions later,” was his motto for many years. Underneath this hot-headed, ex- marine with a flair for storytelling that would make the most stoic person wet their pants, is the most compassionate, caring and strongest people I know.

  Over this last year especially, I witnessed his selfless love for his family and his ability to do the right thing without hesitation.  I am so proud to call him my brother and I am sure today Dad is giving him that silent “man-nod” – “well- done, keep doing it .” I think the cleaner is pretty proud as we all are. Lots of love from the Big Sky!

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