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Where is Main Street and How can I get There?

I have been watching the occupation of Wall Street and I am heartened at the unity of all these different people coming together.  I am hopeful that this will bring a global change.  Balance, equality, communication.  Living by values.

In my world, Homer Simpson is to be envied.   He owns his own home.  I’m a waitress, mom, forever renter and a writer.  I carve my writing life with a kitchen timer. I feel blessed to have what I have and I try to give.  It’s a tithe, my time, my money , my attention to matters outside of myself.  They are organizing or unorganizing as they say, occupations all over the United States.  Who are they? I don’t know.  They are not victims.  They are empowered by the first ammendmant and they are giving voice to general dissatisfaction of giant corporate interest.  I am proud that I live in a country where people can do this  I am also ashamed that a country can have such an imbalance  of resources. They are victims.

Change is electrifying, a shift of energy between powers and this shift is creating energy, forming alliances and working for the good of all, I hope and pray. Change is also terrifying for some of us, fear of the unknown, fear of trusting ourselves and our safety net of the present.  Change requires sacrifice, cooperation and faith.

Faith is huge in my life.  I hold fast to faith that this change will be better for all. That is why they are there.  That is why I continue to pray and pay attention to the 99%.  It is important to pass on a world where we act to make a positive change in a peaceful way. It is essential that our children believe and value everyone’s life and their actions and impacts.