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Are You Ready to Be A Parent?

There should be a test for everyone that thinks about having children.  It is a simple quiz but based on reality, so those parents that think they will hike 10 miles into the wilderness to restock their cloth diaper pail for their week-long trip into the back country are prepared for a three hour hike to the outhouse at the main trailhead.

HIke in January

Mad Hiker

  • Do you like to sleep?  Do you like to share your bed with a two -foot tall child that spreads out like a pinwheel? Is four inches of bed space enough for you?
  • When walking are you used to dodging, tripping or falling over as your child will stop, swerve and crash into you for the next twenty years?
  • Do you like paper? Lots of beautiful precious drawings will be heading your way and God help you if you get busted throwing one out.
  • Do you like to be critiqued on your cooking?  “I don’t like this,” is a song even Rachel Ray would hear every night. Unless it is in a box with a toy inside, they won’t eat it.
  • Do you like to use the bathroom in private? For the first few years, that might not happen.  The worse part is that you might get used to having an audience and will use the restroom as your family meeting place. Lovely, huh?
  • How about public tantrums? Are you willing to throw one yourself, just to show your child how ridiculous it is?  Are you willing to leave a shopping cart full of much needed groceries in order to take your screaming child home, and hear the applause of the other shoppers as you leave?
  • Are you ready for statements like,” You look like you are going to have a baby” directed towards yourself or complete strangers that (you guessed it) are not pregnant.
  • Can you find a bathroom anywhere and immediately?
  • Do you like to talk on the phone?  That is the universal signal to all children that they need to talk to you right now. Or better yet, it is the best time to see if they really can fly off the bunk bed.
  • Are you mentally prepared to find only 2 pairs of matching socks out of 50?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are totally ready for the ups and downs of being a parent, because at the end of it all, the good outweighs the bad.  Feel free to add any more great and grating scenarios. Remember, kids like it when their parents laugh and laugh often.